Testimonials - CCG Leadership Institute


As an HR Executive with 12 years’ experience supporting numerous Business Units of a Fortune 500 Organization, I elected to earn my CPBA certification at CCG Leadership Institute. It was an invaluable addition to my Leadership Development “tool kit” which I use consistently to accelerate the success of my business partners. CCG’s training model was comprehensive, insightful, and presented in a manner that I could easily integrate and execute my knowledge. Please know the training and exam are very challenging. Sherry and Jacque were responsive and they prepared me well for the exam. I rely on these tools regularly, and I highly recommend this Coaching/Human Resources 2-year designation to anyone pursuing career advancement and the knowledge to elevate their level of service.
Garth John
Human Resources Business Partner, Macy’s Inc.
The Cornerstone Group worked with management groups in many of our facilities over several years. They worked directly with our senior management group for approximately eighteen months. I was retiring, and decided that leaving our group better prepared for the future was a priority. During that time we focused on both individual and group development. The tools that they brought first raised awareness of issues and opportunities. The DISC assessment was probably the best example. Again, these were applied by individuals and then reviewed for impact on group dynamics In many cases, they helped us understand behaviors that we had all witnessed. Changing behavior was the objective… I sincerely believe our organization continues to benefit from our work with CCG, and know that as individuals we learned and changed.
Patrick McEvoy, Retired
President, Blood Centers Division, Blood Systems Inc.
Through Executive Coaching, I was introduced to the DISC instrument in 2015 as the approach to uncover the strengths and opportunities for development of the participating leaders in my organization.   The silent, neutral language of this recognized instrument has uncovered existing competencies and gaps in the leadership team.  There has been a significant gain in individual and collective endorsement, which has transcended the organization into community partnerships. I have been inspired by the effectiveness and value that the instrument has brought to my organization and my leadership team.  I have made the commitment to achieve my Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA) Certification, a recognized coaching designation, in partnership with Cornerstone Consulting Group Leadership Institute.
Deborah Zufan, MS Ed., COMS, cTVI
Deputy Director, Educational Services Department, Foundation for Blind Children
The CPBA certification has helped me relate better to others, allowing me to execute more effectively while fostering relationships. DISC gave me better self-awareness and self-regulation. Through my training and certification with CCG Leadership Institute and TTI University, I better understand individuals’ perceptions of me based on my natural behavioral style, including my style under stress. This valuable knowledge has also helped me understand people who have very different behavior styles than my own. Learning to identify observable behaviors in others has allowed me to modify my communications and approach when working with colleagues, customers, vendors, and team members. CPBA certification gave me the skills to consciously and intentionally improve my interpersonal effectiveness.
Amy Hutch
Vice President, Inventory Management and Hospital Services, Blood Systems Inc.